Inspired by the rock-bottom hotel prices, I flew to NYC this afternoon. I booked into the Lucerne, which is a lot sunnier in this photo than in reality. NYC was 32 degrees and falling when I arrived, but the much-reported blizzard has been reduced to water (turning to ice) on the sidewalks. (There's a lot more snow left in Queens, I noted.) I took public transit from JFK: AirTrain to Jamaica Station, LIRR to Penn Station, and the #1 to W. 79th. It's reasonably fast and a third the price of a cab. I learned from Berkeleyside that I missed a power outage and earthquake tremors earlier today. (Glad the latter weren't serious.) I left the house at five a.m. to catch Virgin America's seven a.m. flight. That's a good airline, not least because they dim the lights.


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