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2017: A Look Back

In mid-January, I turned 70. We celebrated at Chez Panisse. 

My colleagues made me a mock-Monocle to celebrate. Here I am with Leslie Taylor, who leads the studio for which I was the editorial director for two decades.

 Then we flew off to Maui with our daughter Elizabeth in tow. 

Coming back, I went to George Homsey's book-signing party for his oral history, put together by Helen Degenhardt and Noreen Hughes, edited by Mary Hardy, and designed by Pat Bruning - all friends. Now in his 90s, George lives with his daughter Diana and continues to design. 

In February, I went up to Eugene to see my grandniece Jane Brinkley play Thomasina in Tom Stoppard's wonderful play, Arcadia. (I sent her Stoppards's three-play Coast of Utopia, and am waiting. When I read Arcadia, I immediately thought of Jane.)

My sister Alice took me on a tour of South Willamette Valley vineyards and three museums in Eugene. She's involved with or helped plan a current exhibit at two of them. 

I went to the …

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