Measure R

I was opposed to Measure R, given the political nature of redevelopment in downtown Berkeley and along the University Avenue corridor. Right now, there's little likelihood of anything happening - both the city and the developers are strapped. That picture will change in time, and Measure R sets up a density that may surprise those who voted for it. Moreover, the city has a history of going beyond what zoning permits - the Gaia Building is a prime example. Downtown Berkeley is a logical place for higher density. Better there, for example, than at the Ashby and North Berkeley stations - and, for that matter, along the Shattuck corridor north of University Avenue. Downtown is also a good location for joint development with the University, something that's already happening. While it's getting all the attention, Telegraph Avenue between Bancroft and Dwight Way is a disaster, neglected equally by the city and the University. What's the plan for that?


  1. You didn't mention the Trader Joes. People were against it in throngs and droves, but now they like it. Telegraph is something different, because it is the pyco-retarded business association freaks that keep threatening to file suits against the university and agitating the counsel. The selfish small business owners are worse then big chains no matter what stories they tell about themselves and their woes about being neglected (I'll take the Gap back and another Starbucks thank you very much!). I guess the building owners win the most by keeping the status same.


    I saw your pall George Schultz at the Shattuck Star Bucks a while back; that man is short as hell. :) :P


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