Elephant redux

I walked by the former Elephant pharmacy on Saturday (18 September) and found a post with plans announcing that it will soon be a Walgreen's. This conforms to location theory, a general rule of which is that like uses clump together. I miss Elephant. Walgreen's is more like what used to be Long's (and Bill's before that, and long ago a Lucky's, whose sign was inexplicably declared a landmark), but is now CVS. The two chains are fairly bitter national rivals, so here we are, witnessing that fight on the ground. I'd hoped the owners might subdivide the space and find more interesting tenants. Undivided, Walgreen's is what works. Given the continuing saga of the mountain lion memorial, perhaps Elephant's parking lot will follow the Lucky's sign as part of local history (big-cat division).


  1. I hate Walgreen's!

    :O (but actually, in a sense, it ads eclecticicity to an otherwise homogeneous, upscale neighborhood)

    A word to the wise. Across the way at the Guerilla cafe, you can get Blue Bottle Co. Coffee.

  2. Hey, it would made a great auto showroom.

  3. Actually I am sort of semi-serious.
    A showroom for small alternative vehicles could be interesting.
    Fortunately we are protected from such abuses of our neighborhood as it would be a prohibited use.
    BTW does anyone else find it odd that the only places to buy cookware in the "Gourmet Ghetto" are CVS and the supermarkets?

  4. I miss Elephant so much, too! And CVS is awful! I drive to the Walgreens and avoid CVS. What do you think about Philz Coffee? My fave is Jacob's Blend. Just once a week though, $3.50.
    This is so fun!

  5. My first encounter with Philz was not so good. I asked for an espresso and got a long-winded explanation of why they couldn't make one, but how their bespoke drip coffee would be equally great. I backed away - a bit too complicated for someone just seeking an espresso. At some point, I'll try again.

  6. The Philz is okay; the upstairs is a relaxed space (best for students though) and they do the Italian model of take the cash (because it is dirty) in a different place then they make the coffee.

    Okay, their coffee is fuller - mostly - then your average cup ( a more rounded consistency), but it doesn't beet Peet's for a certain finesse and fine kick in the boldness department (major Dickinson's blend).

    I had been hip to the Blue Bottle Company in S.F. for some time, and we used to joke about an eventuality that came to pass: At the Peter Greenaway Q&A on campus some big wigs were chatting up Greenaway (before the start) telling him that all their friends have stopped going to Peet's in favor of the Blue Bottle. I myself had predicted this ridiculous fad and so was extraordinarily gratified! :) :P


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