Elbow Lake

Last weekend, 94708 ventured to Battle Lake, Minnesota (via Fargo) for a family reunion. The last day of the visit featured a stay on Elbow Lake, in a 1920-era summer house built by a J.P. Morgan heiress from St. Louis. Now a B&B called Xanadu Island, it's owned by a former architect, originally from Florida, who ran (and sold) a small but successful restaurant chain. He winters in Jackson Hole. Both the house and the lake are gorgeous, but the mosquitoes, which appear at night, are industrial strength. They ignored repellent and clothing. Good screens worked, though, thank goodness. More local posts will soon follow, but wanted to share this. Wish I had a recording of the cry of the loons, a waterbird that frequents the lake. Quite spooky!


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